Become a Kind Hearts Cafe

Bring the feel good to your business with Kind Hearts pay it forward coffee. This is a simple way for you and your customers to give unconditional acts of kindness. We will actively promote your business through our media channels including Facebook and our website.

How it works:

  1. Have one set price for Kind Hearts coffees. (Keep it simple).

  2. Train all management and front of house staff in how this works (we can provide staff training).

  3. Display our promotional material and cups prominently, especially at point of sale, and have our kindness cards on your counter. (Not to be on display until launch day in your cafe).

  4. When a customer pays for a Kind Hearts coffee that they ask you to give to another customer, ask them to write a message on our kindness card to be given to the recipient with their coffee.

  5. This pay it forward coffee is to be offered to the next customer regardless of whether it’s a takeaway order (made in our Kind Hearts cup) or to be consumed in the cafe (made in your in-house cup).

  6. When a customer pays for a Kind Hearts coffee for someone else that they are going to give to the recipient themselves, the customer’s coffee is made in your takeaway cup and the Kind Hearts coffee is made in the Kind Hearts cup.


  1. We provide our promotional material at no charge.

  2. We provide our kindness cards with a stand (business card size) for your counter at no charge.

  3. Our biodegradable and compostable Kind Hearts cups are free


  1. We invite you to bring your passion and creativity to this initiative with displays and promotions.

  2. The more photos and stories we receive from you and your customers the more successful this initiative will be. Please post on social media, tag ‘Kind Hearts Movement’ and use our hashtag #KindHeartsCoffee. We will share these on our social media.

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How we can make a difference together:

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