Since we launched in June 2014 we have distributed over 100,000 of our beautiful kindness cards in New Zealand and overseas.  They are free, they are fabulous and they are waiting for you.

We give our kindness cards globally to schools, businesses, community groups and individuals to inspire people to be unconditionally kind and build stronger communities for a kinder world.

These cards also help motivate those who receive them to pay it forward, creating a flow on effect.

Cards can be used for acts of kindness, such as giving compliments, saying thank you for great service or kindness received, leaving with coins in a parking meter, leaving with kind messages under car windscreens, given with a kind message, used with random acts of kindness or given to someone you know.

We will send you a supply of our kindness cards, anywhere in the world, and you can re-order as often as you want.

Order through our Contact page.  We look forward to hearing from you.

And visit our dynamic Facebook page – ‘Kind Hearts Movement’ – to share your stories, and be inspired by the stories of others.


Leigh. CEO and Founder, Kind Hearts Trust


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